Sound Off™ Partners with YogaTribes as part of La Tournée Tout le Monde Yoga à Montréal

New York, NYSeptember 16, 2016

The YogaTribes tour will end on September 19 bringing a brand new form of immersive yoga to Montréal: silent yoga. For this occasion, more than 300 people will gather at sunset at the Peel Basin, a national historic site on the Lachine Canal, for a shared experience that will be both felt and heard, thanks to Sound Off™

Participants will be wearing Sound Off™ wireless headphones and led by Montréal-based instructor Andrew Bathory, a lululemon® ambassador. By wearing these headphones, participants can adjust their own volume and block out ambient noise, enabling users to immerse themselves totally in their practice.

Silent yoga allows entering and reconnecting with your inner self, but doing so with others. The light patterns emitted by the headphones, the splendor of the site and the sunset itself ensure that the September 19 event will be an extrasensory experience for both participants and spectators. Even the next generation mats, generously provided by lululemon® for the occasion, will enhance the experience.

— Sophie Lymburner, YogaTribes Founder & Tour Promoter

This is the first Sound Off™ event taking place in Montréal, as the company continues to expand globally. Stay tuned to the Sound Off™ events and social media pages for more details as new markets are launched.

About Sound Off™
Sound Off™ produces a wide variety of events with wireless headphone technology. Our wireless headsets let each attendee control their own volume and tune in to up to three channels of audio from DJs, emcees and video presentations. Our wireless headphone technology helps event organizers and event production companies create captivating events that can only be heard through our noise-isolating LED headphones.

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