Sound Off To Create Silent Events for Hong Kong’s Secret Island Party

Boat Ride to Secret Party Location and Tiki Torch-Ringed Beach Area Both Feature Silent Experiences for Oct. 18-19 Event

Secret Island Party: Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves will mark the fourth year that Hushup Events has thrown its signature Secret Island party, where ticketed guests board a ferry from Hong Kong to an island filled with DJs, revelers and special events. This year will feature silent experiences from New York City-based Sound Off™, who will provide wireless headphones for each guest that boards at Hong Kong’s Pier 9 and instantly immerse them as they begin the two-day experience.

Once at the island, guests can use their three-channel headphones to tune into a DJ at a beachside silent disco, a silent cinema or a live band providing the soundtrack of a shadow puppet show, “The Lonely Hermit and the Gypsy Princess.” Attendees can also participate in a silent yoga session led by Yoga Bam Bam.

The event will feature multiple DJs and live musicians across five stage areas, actors interacting with attendees and a sunrise lantern procession and dance party to kick off the second day of the celebration — an experience similar to the vibe of New York City’s Daybreaker parties.

“Secret Island has always strived to make our guests feel as if they’re crossing a threshold into a world of their own,” said event founder and manager Rachel Frost. “Sound Off’s wireless headphones will very much enhance that goal. We’re looking forward to having their equipment, staff and production expertise on our side.”

“The Secret Island concept is one of the most imaginative and stylish events out there,” said Sound Off™ founder and CEO Castel Valere-Couturier. “Partygoers respond to the vibe that they create, and we’re thrilled to lend our talents to their success for Secret Island 2014.”

More than 2,000 have already RSVP’d for this year’s event on Facebook. For ticketing information, please visit

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