Tune In To the Moment

Planning a destination wedding on a beach with roaring surf or a mountaintop with unpredictable breezes? Or maybe it’s a simple backyard ceremony, and you need to keep the noise down or facilitate social distancing. Let distractions fade away with Sound Off headphones, and keep the focus on the happy couple.

Our ten years of experience getting people to dance all over the world means nobody brings the party like we do. With multiple audio channels at a silent disco wedding, we can keep everyone on the dance floor at once listening to music they love. Big band alongside Top 40? That’s music to everyone’s ears.

  • Sound Off technology helps create memories and a unique experience for everyone in attendance
  • Multiple channels offer something for every music taste simultaneously
  • Individual volume control keeps everyone tuned in at the perfect level

Bring Sound Off to your wedding

Keep every guest happy with multiple channels of music, customizable volume, and our noise-isolating technology that lets the celebration go all night.