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MindTravel SilentHike in Malibu: A ‘Silent’ Walk for Healing and Community

December 16, 2018 @ 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm PST

MindTravel SilentHike culilminates its SilentHike series to benefit the California Fire Foundation on Sunday, December 16th at 3:00 pm with a SilentHike for Healing and Community in Malibu.


Reserve your spot TODAY for this donation-based experience with all proceeds going to the California Fire Foundation to make a difference for the California residents impacted by the recent wildfires and to provide ongoing support for the firefighters who respond bravely to protect our communities.

Allow yourself to be carried away by the deep feeling of freedom and connection with MindTravel’s newest musical experience. SilentHikers will gather at a designated point and will receive their headphones to wear for the duration of the experience. Once the group reaches the pinnacle of the hike, we will take time to share the view and experience.

Parking & Meeting Instructions: We will confirm the path of this hike in the coming weeks.

MindTravel SilentHike journeys are the newest way to practice walking meditation. Over the course of experience, you’ll join other MindTravelers exploring local hiking trails and walking paths while listening to MindTravelmusic through headphones. The evocative, improvisational piano music ignites freedom and expansiveness that amplifies the healing and inspirational power of being in nature.

The MindTravel team encourages all participants to bring the following:

  • headlamp
  • sneakers
  • water

MindTravel will provide the wireless headphones.

More About MindTravel

MindTravel is an immersive musical experience that takes place in iconic theaters and beautiful outdoor spaces. In his live performances, composer and pianist Murray Hidary transports audiences on a journey that is at once expansive and transformative. His improvisational piano meditations, inspired by mystical traditions and theoretical physics, will leave you in a state of harmony and clarity, with the rhythm to carry it forward into your life.

MindTravel is an experience like no other. Imagine a concert pianist improvising beautiful, peaceful music with imagery in the background that matches the beauty of the music — combined, it is almost meditative or trancelike.” – Jason Wachob, Founder of mindbodygreen




Malibu Beach (exact location to come)