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Sound Off
Fitness & Wellness

Sound Off is innovating the fitness and wellness space with new ways to use headphones in active environments. From calming yoga, meditation, and sound bath experiences to high-energy Zumba and spin classes, Sound Off technology allows participants to focus and connect with the instructor. Find out how we can revolutionize your special wellness event or studio setup today!

Sound Off


Need to provide meditative sound for the yoga class right next to your studio’s weight room? Or you’re planning to host an outdoor pop-up spin class, but you’re concerned the participants won’t hear the instructor? Sound Off’s headphones and transmitters are compatible with most professional-grade sound systems, but we also provide exclusive turnkey service to ensure easy setup. (Did we mention our headphones stay on during downward dog?)

Sound Off
Silent Disco

Sound Off has been silencing parties across the globe for more than a decade, from weddings in Italy to nightclubs in NYC. Think putting on a pair of headphones means being in your own world? Think again! Silent disco offers a new perspective for how headphones can connect people rather than isolate them. Now you can throw an epic party without sacrificing the intimacy of connection, no matter the size of the venue or the distance between guests.

Sound Off


Planning a beach party but don’t want to disturb nature? Hosting a rooftop fete but have to comply with city noise regulations? Maybe you want to offer your guests three different DJs all on one dance floor. Whatever the application, Sound Off headphones can receive a signal from transmitters up to 500 yards away, all while offering crystal-clear sound on up to three different channels. Whether you need turnkey service, a premade DJ mix, or onsite talent, Sound Off can bring the party.

Sound Off
Audio / Visual

An innovative audio solution for branded and large-scale events from New York to Hong Kong, Sound Off provides the technical resources to bring your vision to life. Make sure keynote speakers, listening parties, and performances get received loud and clear with minimal distraction and maximum focus, courtesy of Sound Off headphones.



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Breakout Sessions

Album Listening Parties


Art Galleries

Sound Off

Audio / Visual

Producing a conference in a noise-challenged venue? Need to host multiple presenters in limited space? Or perhaps you’re managing something more entertainment-based, like an album launch party (we’ve worked with top recording artists) or movie showcase (we’ve hooked up outdoor theaters on Hollywood rooftops). Our noise-isolating headphones keep the sound where it’s supposed to be, with white-glove service to ensure flawless execution. If you’re looking for a way to up the ante at your next event — this is it.

Sound Off

Sound Off is constantly innovating to be the best fit for today’s audio life. Right now, that means giving you more virtual options for your business and entertainment needs. From virtual fitness solutions to virtual dance parties, we can craft a solution just for you, including online event hosting and streaming expertise.

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Need an online solution for a company party? Want to stream your studio’s yoga classes? Maybe you’re planning a virtual dance party but you’re worried about how to recreate that dance floor energy. If figuring out the tech is intimidating or you just want to offer your clientele something new in the sea of Zoom meetings, let us know what experience you need to make virtual. Sound Off’s experienced team of event producers, DJs, musicians, and web techs can make it happen.