Media Kit

Thanks for including us in your promotional materials and media articles. Feel free to use the provided assets to help promote your event, generate buzz and cultivate interest in Sound Off Experiences. We only ask that you use the materials for good (not evil) and keep the branding intact (check out the Brand Book if you’re not sure).

Sound Off™ Brand Book - Upd Oct 27, 2016Brand Book

Download our Sound Off™ brand book for details on how the assets below can be applied to your projects. Complete with best practices, usage guidelines and color builds, you’ll have what you need to co-brand in style!



See Brand Book for specifics on font usage and applications.

TrueType Fonts:  Aggie   |   Eurostile   |   Eurostile Extended Two

Google Fonts:  Michroma   |   Raleway


Sound Off™ Logos

This is the primary logo for the Sound Off™ corporate brand. It can be used in B2B executions, B2C executions and all other promotional or retail assets.

SO Logo — Simple


SO Logo — Knock Out

Preferred: Knock-out


When referring to Sound Off™ as a brand, product or otherwise, the following guidelines should be followed:

“Sound Off” is always followed by a trademark symbol (™) in every instance of usage.

If that is not possible or impedes legibility, first instance in headline or body copy is sufficient;
however, trademarks must be retained on any mention of branded products.

“Sound Off” is always two words when type written.

Certain branded products have specific naming conventions, as follows:

  • Sound Off™ Yoga
    • Never Sound Off Yoga
    • Never Sound Off™ Silent Disco Yoga (with or without trademark)
    • Never Sound Off™ Silent Yoga (with or without trademark)
  • Sound Off™ Shavasana
  • Sound Off™ Submerge
  • Sound Off™ Fit & Focused
  • Sound Off™ Sweat
  • Sound Off™ Soul
  • Sound Off™ Cycling
  • Sound Off™ Headphones
  • Sound Off™ Gotham

When listing Sound Off™ as a partner or sponsor, options include:

  • Sound Off™ Silent Disco @ Event Name 
  • Sound Off™ Yoga w/ Studio Name or Instructor
  • Sound Off™ x Partner Name present Event Name
  • Event Name silenced by Sound Off™


Experiences in Action

To download the provided event images, right-click on the preferred image, and select “Download Linked File…” from the drop-down menu.

Silent Disco

Fit & Focused



YouTube & Vimeo

The team at Sound Off has been curating some great video assets — they’re perfect for promotional purposes, social media posts, and more! Check them out on YouTube, then use YouTube’s “Embed” feature to include them in your own sites and posts. Or visit our Vimeo page and click the “Share” button for link, email and embed features.

Watch on Vimeo  Watch on YouTube

Sound Off™ RF Headphones

Our three-channel LED headphones create an ambiance all on their own. To download the files, right-click on the preferred image, and select “Download Linked File…” from the drop-down menu.

Sound Off™ Bluetooth Headphones (Retail)

For more information or to purchase Sound Off™ Bluetooth headphones, visit

Feature Stories

Check our press & PR pages for the latest media articles and press releases. And visit the Blog page for Sound Off event re-caps, features and updates.