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MindTravel Underwater: Floating Meditation + Underwater Concert

April 4, 2019 @ 9:00 pm - 10:30 pm EDT

MindTravel brings its unique and powerful Underwater experience to New York City for the first time!

Water is life. We are made up of mostly water. Our planet is covered by over 70% water. Bringing the healing, life-giving power of water together with music creates a profoundly immersive experience we call MindTravel Underwater.




Imagine floating weightlessly or swimming beneath the surface as the music plays through a network of underwater speakers. The sound is otherworldly and transports you back to the womb. You spent the first 41 weeks of your existence in water, so in many ways, this MindTravel is like coming home.

This immersive concert allows you to float weightlessly in the water as Murray’s real-time compositions are amplified through high-end underwater speakers from Lubell Labs. MindTravelers can float close to the surface using pool noodles or can swim and dance underwater as the music plays.  All-the-while, you get to enjoy a journey into the realm of your subconscious mind while experiencing new levels of reflection and rejuvenation through this immersive experience.

CLICK HERE to watch our MindTravel Underwater Video.

Recommendations for this event:

  • Bathing suit (required)
  • Towel (required)
  • Wet suit (required) *we can rent one for you!*
  • Goggles

Do I really need a wetsuit?  YES!  Pool temperatures are lower than your body temperature so a wetsuit will keep you nice and cozy during the experience.

What People Are Saying

“The incredible underwater experience of surrendering to the flow of life and universal consciousness. This blew my mind in the most profoundly peaceful way. “ – @Stephaniehirschart 

MindTravel is an amazing introduction to meditation as it takes the traveler on a specific journey. It is also perfect for the experienced meditator as a way to enhance and deepen one’s own practice. In short, MindTravel is for anyone!” – Sara Ivanhoe, MA Yoga Philosophy

–More About MindTravel

The music is a personification of our universal experience. Elegant yet aspirational. It satisfies our deepest needs while raising us to our highest sense of self. Composer and pianist Murray Hidary is the creator of MindTravel. His post-minimalist, improvisational, real-time compositions with the piano and art installations are inspired by mystical traditions and theoretical physics. It is an exploration in translating music into our daily thoughts, words, and actions. To carry forward the lessons of music into our lives. To live in harmony, clarity, and rhythm.


The American Copper Building
626 1st Avenue
New York, NY 10016 United States