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NOA AON: Open Your Heart – Sound Healing with a Difference

November 7, 2019 @ 5:40 pm - 9:00 pm AEST

NOA AON: Open Your Heart - Sound Healing with a Difference
Sound healing

AUSTRALIA! I am so excited to announce my first tour in your country. Australia, you have been calling and the Universe has, once again, paved the way. Thank you!

“System Reset” was created for you to tune out and drop in. You will be guided through techniques that will require radical transparency as we move, breathe and manifest miraculous moments of peace, clarity and surrender.

Transformation is real and possible. The only thing in the way of having an optimum life are the toxic thoughts and human conditions that restrict us from living our best life on planet Earth. The amount of stress and monotony of survival and work, environmental pollution, EMF waves, disruptive media, intoxicants and emotional overload its enough to lead us to anxiety attacks and psychological break down.

Every cell in your being will experience the effects using the most profound and scientifically validated tools of ancient and modern practices.

Imagine pressing a button and receiving a total mind, body and emotion upgrade through the combination of sight deprivation + music @ 432Hz + Wim Hof method + ecstatic/animalistic movement and meditation.

You will walk away with no-cost techniques that, when implemented into your daily routine, are truly life altering.

Words are unable to fully embody the power this gathering will bring forward. If you have come across this invitation, take it as a sign to be here.


Pranic and Reiki Healing

The Wim Hof Method

432 Hz sound healing

Tribal Movement

Trauma Release Methods

Relationship Harmonization

System Reset Meditation

Live Instrumentalists


Silent Disco Headphones + Blindfolds

CBD products

Essential Oils


What to Bring

Yoga Mat

Dress in layers

Optional to bring blankets and/or comfort items



3/37 Kremzow road Brendale


Event Start 5:40pm

Event End 9pm

More information:

NOA AON aka Pavel Stuchlik @noaaonofficial

NOA means movement; AON is ‘all or none’

Pavel is an Ex-Professional Athlete, Purpose Driven Entrepreneur, International DJ + Producer, Self Realisation Expert and Initiator of Conscious Altering movement.

He’ll bring to the Australia a full mind-body-emotion immersive experience… “System Reset” = bio system upgrade

[email protected]


Address Confirmed Next Week
Bray Park, QLD 0000 Australia
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