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Silent Disco System Reset – Wim Hof Method @Supra Roma en CDMX

November 27, 2019 @ 7:30 pm - 11:00 pm CST

Silent Disco System Reset - Wim Hof Method @Supra Roma en CDMX

Silent Disco System Reset  + Wim Hof Method by NOA|AON & ElSrDeLosHielos

Join NOA|AON, aka Pavel Stuchlik an expert in self-realization technique + application, certified Wim Hof Method Instructor and Certified Ambassador of Peace Leader, in cultivating the energy of our absolute power with a soul entrenching meditation, ecstatic dance event. The Service was created for you to tune out and drop in. You will be guided through techniques that will require radical transparency as we move, breathe and manifest miraculous moments of peace, clarity and surrender.

Techniques that will be used during the session:

  • 432Hz Synchronized Sound Healing
  • Wim Hof Method Breathwork
  • Meditation
  • Shamanic Work
  • Ecstatic dance &
  • Mindfulness Tools

Accesories included:

  • Sound-off Silent Disco Headphones
  • Eye masks
  • CBD oil

The goal: to transform your breakdowns to breakthroughs. Through this deeply intimate process, my mission is to reboot your bio-system to its most nature state, that of harmony, happiness and joy. The model is simple. [ME-WE-BE].

ME– heal thyself with a total recalibration of body, mind, spirit and emotions.

WE – bring the best out of one another. We will engage in transparent sharing and conversation to break the traditional mold of human interaction and return back to our tribal nature. We will also bring the discussion of how our environment affects our reality and the steps you can take to clean up the mess so that you can optimize your performance.

BE – the breakthrough. full realization of the now and the power held in each moment.

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Pavel Stuchlik is a former professional athlete, entrepreneur and motivational speaker born in the winter of 1991 in the Czech Republic. Stuchlik has raced on every Continent as a professional cyclist. It was during that time that he started his first business selling carbon bicycle parts via an online store called Pavel’s Vision.

Perhaps most notably, he was until recently a major franchise owner of OrangeTheory Fitness, a multi-million dollar fitness franchise with over a 1000 locations worldwide including Mexico. Stuchlik is still closely aligned with OrangeTheory Fitness as a Regional Developer, Franchise Owner and DJ for national conventions.

In his early 20’s, the rigors of competitive sports began to wear on Stuchlik. An unforgivingly grueling training schedule nevertheless resulted in a series of disappointing results, leaving Stuchlik with a life-threatening case of the Epstein-Barr virus. Forced to withdraw from the competitive cycling circuit and needing an alternate avenue into which he could channel his psychic energy, Stuchlik embarked on a soul-searching quest that carried him across the globe. On a ten-day darkened retreat in Thailand, during which time he had no food nor internet access and only limited human contact, Stuchlik came to the conclusion that his purpose in life was to move people through music. It was there in an environment of sensory deprivation insofar as modern civilization was concerned, yet surrounded by raw nature, that Stuchlik had his epiphany.

After Thailand and returning to society, Stuchlik re-discovered his musical roots. Coming from a music-oriented family and having deejayed since the age of 14, the return to DJing came naturally. In addition to spending countless hours learning music production, professional studio techniques and toying around on analog and digital audio workstations, Stuchlik was able to eventually bring the quality of his music productions to where you felt comfortable taking the leap into the world of professional DJing.

Now…he is bringing all of his passion, expertise and favorite life hacks and optimization upgrades to life. In the form of workshops, retreats and seminars NOA AON continues to evolve into an unstoppable force for the highest good of all. He believes that this is just the beginning. His unique combination of skill sets, in addition to his contagious positive energy make for unforgettable experiences!!!


Juan P. Alvarez is Hermosillo, MX, is passionate about outdoors and loves practicing extreme sports connected with nature like bike, hike, skiing and wakeboarding. Since he was very young found a strong connection with electronic music.

In March ’17 near the lake of Tequesquitengo, MX, JP got a tick bite which triggered a series of symptoms such as: severe headaches, muscle and joint pain, eyestrain, massive swelling on my knees and arms, mental blindness, insomnia and chronic fatigue, leaving him extremely tired and without any energy. He stopped working for several months.

After visiting 6 doctors in about 2 months he got diagnosed with Lyme disease plus 2 co-infections, Babesia duncani/microti and Rickettsia. Expert’s doctors from California mentioned that he would last about 4 years on an antibiotic treatment to suppress all the diseases. So he started taking 9 different medicines a day!

He began to study the disease for several weeks with the intention of understanding what was going on inside his body, In that research he came across a Vice documentary about the life of Wim Hof ​​and his powerful method based on three pillars: 1. Deep breathing, 2. Gradual exposure to cold and 3. Mindset Commitment, the documentary mentioned how the method can help to access the nervous system while harmonizing the immune system then it can work more efficient on tackling an autoimmune diseases. So he didn’t think twice and subscribed to a 10-week online course where Wim explained in detail how to put in practice his method.

Since the first day of breathing his knee pain was reduced considerably and also felt more energy and better focus. After a couple of months of practicing his life returned more or less back to normal and in less than a year all of his symptoms went totally away and also lab results of Lyme came back negative instead of 4 years he was told on his first diagnosis.

The Wim Hof Method helped me to find the way into my inner nature as well as healing faster than any typical modern treatment. Now I can tell that I’m feeling stronger and more balanced than before the disease trigged. In my case the Wim Hof ​​Method helped me to reconnect the mind with my body as well as improving my immune system to quickly get out of the most difficult phase of my life.

It is important to mention that right after 8 months on pills combined with alternative protocols such as Wim Hof Method, JP decided to make weekend pause out of pills and went to an electronic music festival called Tropico over the beach of Acapulco, it was there on the sunrise DJ set, after hours of dancing in a flow state where JP felt alive again, tons of weight he was carrying on this strong healing phase went away forever and he’s perspective of the disease turned into the most positive event of his life.


Supra Roma
151 Avenida Álvaro Obregón
Ciudad de México, CDMX 06700 Mexico
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