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Sound Off Submerge: Vinyasa, Yoga Nidra, Sound Bath Savasana! | Yoga Journal LIVE

April 22, 2017 @ 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm EDT

Come ride the wave of renewal with Sound Off™ Submerge!

Nn invigorating blend of guided vinyasa, yoga nidra, and a sound bath savasana using Sound Off™ headphones. This 90-minute pow-wow led by Lindsey Valdez is designed to reduce stress and anxiety. Sound Off headphones allow you to hear Lindsey’s voice perfectly over DJ Miss Behavior’s curated deep house soundscape. Alex Falk of Atonal Meditation will draw a gentle yet powerful sound bath using Himalayan singing bowls, gongs, and tuning forks. This meditative musicale will arouse theta and beta brain waves to support the natural process of healing in the mind and body. Dive deep into your own awakening with this soothing, sonic experience.

               Meet the teacher!                     

A lifelong athlete, dancer, and lover of the outdoors, Lindsey Valdez found a strong attraction to Yoga. Her passion for travel and Yoga led her to India to dive deeper into her practice, and awakened her desire to teach and share Yoga with others. Lindsey loves linking movement with music and believes in the power of sound therapy in her Yoga flows. She joined forces with Sound Off™ to bring “silent yoga” experiences to music-loving yogis everywhere with unique pop-up events and venues throughout the city. Lindsey’s teachings seek to target the inner strength, grace, and harmonious spirit within all of her students! 

Meet the DJ!

Jamie Pabst is a DJ based in NYC and founder of Miss Behavior Music. She is a firm believer in using music’s power to bring people together, influence thoughts, behaviors and enhance mind and body performance. Jamie has carved out a unique path DJing and curating music and events almost exclusively for positive lifestyle engagement, collaborating with some of the top brands and positive lifestyle enthusiasts and gurus to produce unique music events centered around positive and healthy engagement and interactivity. Check out more about her and her music at

Meet the Sound Therapy Practitioner

Alex Falk, founder of Atonal meditation, is a certified sound therapy practitioner, musician, educator and substance abuse/ violence prevention counselor for the New York City Board of Education. He has since brought mindfulness and mediation programs into public elementary and high schools across the 5 boroughs. Alex guides students through sound meditations and mindfulness practices, giving them the tools to access and support states of deep relaxation. The result of his work has shown positive change in behavior and academic performance, as well as a deeper sense of the students’ self awareness.


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