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System Reset – Day in Las Vegas Wim Hof Method, Biohacking+

October 12, 2019 @ 10:00 am - 3:00 pm PDT

System Reset - Day in Las Vegas Wim Hof Method, Biohacking+
“System Reset” Workshop – Las Vegas (Wim Hof Method, Bulletproof Coffee + Diet, Biohacking, Meditation, Living the Luscious Lifestyle)

“System Reset” is a Day deep dive with Pavel Stuchlik aka NOA AON(@noaaonofficial) in a Private Estate on lake. Pavel an expert in self realization, will be bringing the knowledge, know how and proven methods from some of the most highly noted leaders in health, spirituality and overall, general awesomeness to YOU.

The goal: to transform your breakdowns to breakthroughs. Through this deeply intimate process, my mission is to reboot your bio-system to its most nature state, that of harmony, happiness and joy. The model is simple. [ME-WE-BE].

ME- heal thyself with a total recalibration of body, mind, spirit and emotions.
WE- bring the best out of one another. we will engage in transparent sharing and conversation to break the traditional mold of human interaction and return back to our tribal nature. we will also bring the discussion of how our environment affects our reality and the steps you can take to clean up the mess so that you can optimize your performance.
BE- the breakthrough. full realization of the now and the power held in each moment.

Eat your last meal before 8pm Friday. NO breakfast before meeting on Saturday. (Intermittent fast).

Intermittent Fast –
Start Here –

10:00am – Shamanic connection to Nature and Meditation.
11:00am – Breathe Deep – Breathe with Meditation and Purpose. Waking up to your Power Understanding “ME-WE-BE”
12:00am – System Reset Meditation – Tool for your every day success.
1:00pm – Bulletproof Lunch + Q&A
2:00pm – Wim Hof Routine + Intro Into Luscious Lifestyle.
3:00pm – Power Breathe + Whats your pivotal moment, whats your true gift, how do you going to show up different in which areas of your life!

Contact us for more information at [email protected]

Put yourself in the expert hands of a certified WHM Instructor to learn the 3 pillars of the Wim Hof Method: Breathing Technique, Cold Exposure & Commitment. Find out how you can utilize oxygen and cold exposure to optimize body & mind, and learn about the underlying physiology.

The intimate quality allows for ample personal attention, and feedback tailored to your specific situation. Whether you are looking to improve mental or physical performance, relieve symptoms related to an illness, or are just curious to find out what the Wim Hof Method is all about— a WHM workshop offers something for everyone.

The program generally kicks off with an introduction to the Wim Hof Method, and always includes a breathing session and an (optional) ice bath. At the end there is ample room for reflection, and the Instructor is there to answer questions throughout the workshop.

Instructors have their own specializations, and there is some variation across the individual workshops. A detailed overview of the day is sent out upon registration.

If you have no prior experience with cold exposure, we recommend you finish your showers cold in the days leading up to the workshop. This may be overwhelming at first, but just try to relax, focus on your breath, and bring it into a controlled, steady rhythm.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is suitable for everyone, but does require a basic level of health. Out of precaution, we advise against participation during pregnancy, or if you are epileptic. People with cardiovascular issues, or any other serious health conditions should always consult a medical professional before starting the Wim Hof Method.

Yoga mat
Swim Trunks
Water Bottle


9505 Hillwood Drive
9505 Hillwood Drive, #100
Las Vegas, NV, NV 89134 United States
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