Sound Off™ Yoga x Fit Flow with Max

Magic Island (Hawaii)

Join us for a Sunset Sound Off™ Yoga Class taught by instructor Max Hannemann: an evening fit flow class designed to enhance and define your practice through yoga cross training. Fit flow will leave you sweaty and energized by utilizing your body strength as the source of resistance during your workout. Workout to some sweet […]

Yoga Fit & Flow with Kimmy Hidalgo

Hotel Wellness by LoDo Massage 200 West 48th Ave, Denver, CO, United States

Friends, sweat it out then flow it out, with me, Kimmy Hidalgo, powered by Sound Off Colorado! What is Sound Off? Well, it's pretty much like your typical Yoga Fit & Flow class except you wear a wireless headset, allowing you to hear the instructor and the live music. You can adjust the volume of […]

Titanium Fitness Fit & Flow

Titanium Fitness Center 5700 W 25th Ave, # 200B, Edgewater, CO, United States

Come sweat it out then zen it out with Titanium Fitness & The Sweet Sweat Life, powered by Sound Off Colorado. Anthony will take you through a bootcamp style workout, and we'll follow that with a yoga cool-down, by Kimmy. All of this will be done with wireless headsets from Sound Off Colorado! This class […]