Sound Off™ BYO Receiver Bundle

From: $104.00

Bundle includes: Sound Off BYO Receiver (1), BYO Tentacle USB Charger (1)

Connect any headphone or speaker to your Sound Off system with just an auxiliary jack. The BYO Receiver can be used for effortless in-ear monitoring and can transform wired speakers into wireless ones. With three channels available, the BYO unshackles your next event from unsightly wires and cables. Features one-touch channel adjustment and includes a belt clip for mobile events.

Please note that the BYO Receiver is designed to work with a Sound Off Blade or Bolt Transmitter, and does not employ Bluetooth connectivity.

This item is for use in North America only. To inquire about headphones and transmitters for use in other regions, click the button below.

Sweatproof Fitness Earbuds

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  • UHF/RF technology
  • 2-channel and 3-channel options
  • LED channel indicator
  • 3.5mm line out
  • Sturdy plastic casing with belt clip
  • Ergonomic multifunction button
  • 11 hours of battery
  • Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery (300mAh)
  • 1-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects