Promote Discipline and Focus

Sound Off headphones help studio members or event participants fully get into the zone in a practice that demands their full attention.

Barre transitions from position to position quickly, and concentrates on small, isometric movement, which can be difficult to achieve correctly without careful instruction. Attendees can respond to cues easily thanks to the crisp audio and zero latency of silent disco technology, no matter how far they are from the instructor or what else is going on nearby. Zumba class next door? Weight room down the hall? Your barre participants won’t even notice.

  • Participants always hear every cue with noise-isolating headphones
  • Music and instructor’s voice are perfectly mixed for high-fidelity audio
  • Comfortable grippy fit stays on through any stretch

Bring Sound Off to your next barre class

or event

Our headphones stay comfortably in place through every position, while our noise-isolation technology keeps participants focused and on point.