Punching Up the Workout

Our silent disco headphones enhance the high energy of a boxing class, delivering crystal-clear audio for pumped-up motivation from start to finish. Students enjoy a more personal experience with the instructor’s voice right in their ears, a comfy fit as they bob and weave, and individual adjustable volume control to match their pace. 

Sound Off’s noise-isolating technology knocks out sound restrictions so you can hold your classes anywhere, anytime even right next to a yoga class with zero noise complaints. 

  • Easy-to-use, quick-to-set-up technology gets class started in no time
  • Silent disco headphones provide an intimate, focused experience so each student reaches their max potential
  • You can hold an amped-up class in any location without disturbing anyone nearby

Bring Sound Off to your next boxing class
or event

Our headphones’ crystal-clear audio and noise-isolating technology is the one-two punch that keeps students motivated and classes silent.