Breathing Into Wellness

Music is a major part of the breathwork experience, as it helps students establish an initial breathing rhythm, deepens their journey within the session, and finally, guides them gently back out.

Sound Off’s silent disco headphones stream crisp, supreme-quality audio and eliminate distractions so participants can get the most out of their breathwork experience. With our noise-isolation technology, students are bathed in sound, facilitating an expanded state of awareness, deep relaxation, and the ultimate mind-body-spirit balance.

  • Silent disco technology provides the immersive experience crucial to breathwork
  • Our comfortable headphones stream the instructor’s voice seamlessly along with the chosen playlist
  • Individual volume control means students get their preferred audio level every time

Bring Sound Off to your next breathwork class or event

Our headphones’ crystal-clear audio and noise-isolation technology make it easy for students to sink into the experience and immerse themselves with inner peace and calm.