Take Cardio Workouts to the Next Level

Silent disco technology keeps up even the highest-intensity pace for hard-hitting cardio enthusiasts! Sound Off wireless headphones eliminate distractions thanks to noise isolation and crisp sound, enabling participants to focus on their instructor’s voice perfectly streamed over the pump-up playlist.

Our headphones stay in place through it all: HIIT, dance cardio, high-rep weight training, you name it. And with our long-range transmitters, any cardio class or special event can Sound Off easily, whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

  • Keep event participants and studio members focused on instructors
  • Isolate sound so classes and pop-up events don’t disturb the neighbors
  • Ensure crisp audio no matter your location

Bring Sound Off to your next cardio class
or event

Our headphones offer a secure, comfortable fit for your most devoted cardio members. And our long-range transmitters promise they’ll hear every word of your instruction, indoors or out.