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The Ultimate Study Break

Looking for a way to spice up Welcome Week? Or maybe you want to offer on-campus, community-building activities throughout the semester. Silent disco technology is your answer to getting students excited and engaged!

Since Sound Off headphones offer up to three channels, you can host a Friday-night dance party that satisfies differing music preferences all at once. Throw an outdoor movie night or fitness class on the Great Lawn — our headsets’ noise isolation and crisp sound will keep students riveted and focused in. Another great perk? The neighboring town will never hear your students enjoying their big night on campus.

  • A choice of three music channels keeps all students happy and engaged
  • With our long-range RF transmitters, events can happen at any indoor or outdoor on-campus location
  • Noise-isolating headphones mean no complaints from nearby neighbors

Bring Sound Off to your next campus party or event

Our headphones allow you to customize any event — from dance party to fitness class — all while keeping the audio in your students’ ears only, for a unique, immersive experience.