Rock the Boat

Set Sail with Sound Off and give your passengers the ultimate silent disco experience. The vibe is immediate — multiple DJs bring the best choices of music and festive LED lights bring the glow, for an epic dance party on the high seas. Passengers will connect in a fun, new way on board and remember it as a standout highlight of the Best. Cruise. Ever.

Plus, Sound Off technology is completely sea-worthy! Our 800 MHz RF transmitters easily make dance parties possible in any size location from top deck to lower-level night club, while our compact headphones require minimal space to charge and stow.

  • A silent disco gives passengers a new cruise experience they’ll never forget
  • Our technology stows efficiently on board and deploys easily in any type of location, from large outdoor space to intimate indoor venue
  • Multiple channels of music draw passengers to the dance floor with genres they’ll love to move to

Bring Sound Off to the High Seas

Give passengers a whole new way to celebrate — a glowing silent disco party at sea will be the ultimate highlight of their vacay.