Provide an Elevated Live-Music Experience

Sound Off loves bringing silent discos to festivals — all the music, all the stages! With our technology, attendees can enjoy whichever performer they choose from wherever they are on the grounds. Our transmitters offer up to 500 yards of range, and our comfortably fitting headphones offer multiple audio channels, so festival goers can move from artist to artist and never miss a second of the performance.

Whether music lovers want to chill away from the crowd and still hear crisp sound, or jump right next to the stage and not damage their hearing, a silent disco at a festival is all about the in-the-moment options.

  • Individual volume control provides safe audio levels
  • Separate channels offer instant connection to multiple performers
  • Late-night performances can rock out without disturbing neighbors or campers

Bring Sound Off to your next music festival

Our silent disco technology gives festival goers all the options, from customizable volume to staying connected to the music wherever they wish to roam.