High-Fidelity Fellowship

Looking for new and interesting ways to bring your community together? Churches, mosques, synagogues, and more around the world are incorporating Sound Off technology into youth-group activities. Our noise-isolating headphones give a unique, exciting spin to dance parties and camp-and-retreat festivities, while helping create a safe space for kids to have fun and connect in meaningful ways.

Our headphones also facilitate multiple-group text study within one large space. Students easily hear the facilitator and stay focused, even if their group is right next to others engaged in separate studies. 

  • Silent disco headphones bring an of-the-moment spin to youth-group parties
  • Activities with our silent disco headphones foster connection and build community
  • It’s easy to hold multiple events or group activities in one large space with Sound Off technology

Bring Sound Off to your next House Of Worship event

A whole new way to come together in fellowship and fun, our silent disco technology is perfect for youth-group dance parties and member events indoors and out.