Seek Out Peace with Intention

Give the mind a fighting chance to clear out the cobwebs and settle into stillness with Sound Off® meditation.

For guided meditation sessions, our noise-isolating headphones enable participants to focus on their mantra, not the restaurant next door or the weight room down the hall. Meditative playlists can be as soft and soothing as you like, and still drown out distractions wherever you are — Sound Off’s wireless, silent disco technology means that meditation in the woods, next to a river, or even in a noisy park isn’t out of the question.

  • Eliminate distractions for practitioners
  • Isolate sound to your music and guidance
  • Comfortable wireless fit allows for peace and calm in any location

Bring Sound Off to your next class or event

Our headphones stay in place through it all: sound bath, meditation, yoga, you name it. And with our long-range transmitters, you can Sound Off with any wellness class, whether you’re indoors or outdoors.

“The guided meditation helps me stay present”

“Afterwards, I had the best night’s sleep”

“The only way to meditate”