Spice Up the Dance Floor

Sound Off is always ready for a party: awesome people, irresistible beats, and dancing till dawn. With Sound Off headphones, there’s no limit to where or when you can throw an unforgettable bash

Want to host a late-night party outdoors but you’d rather not deal with noise permits or NIMBY neighbors? Maybe you’d like to host three DJs at once for your party-throwing clients. Or you’re looking to add a super-unique event to your club’s calendar. Our noise-isolating headphones feature multiple channels, offering maximum options for dancing and minimal disturbance for neighbors. Keep energy high and partiers connected with a silent disco!

  • Noise-isolating headphones mitigate disturbances 
  • Multiple channels facilitate a simultaneous DJ experience
  • Parties go down anywhere with long-range RF transmitters

Bring Sound Off to your next party or event

Our headphones keep your guests on the dance floor at weddings, corporate celebrations, charity events and more. And with our long-range transmitters, you can Sound Off anywhere, anytime — indoors or outdoors.