Tapping Into Cutting-Edge Treatment

Today, more and more mental-health professionals are looking beyond traditional methodology to treat anxiety, PTSD, and more. In special assisted-therapy sessions, licensed practitioners use Sound Off technology to provide a supportive environment for patients who’ve been given a legally cleared substance (e.g. ketamine, cannabis, MDMA, or psilocybin) that facilitates a journey of expanded consciousness.

  • Silent disco technology eliminates distractions for therapy patients with specific mental-heath challenges 
  • Sound Off headphones facilitate profound individual experiences within group assisted-therapy sessions
  • High-quality audio ensures specific curated playlists are experienced as intended for an ideal, supportive environment

Enhance Assisted-Therapy Sessions with Sound Off Technology

Our noise-isolating technology allows patients with anxiety, PTSD, and more to fully immerse in profound psychedelic-assisted therapy sessions while on their journeys to healing.