Running with Heightened Focus

The goal of leading a runners’ group or hosting a one-off running event is to keep everyone focused and on pace. Help everyone stay together with Sound Off headphones.

Our silent disco technology offers you a range up to 500 yards, holding the group together mentally while providing room for social distance and personal ability. Our noise-isolating technology keeps the tempo playlist in runners’ ears and the rest of the world out there where it belongs. Sound Off headphones stay securely on, too, thanks to a comfortable grippy fit, helping participants focus on shooting for that new PR.

  • Noise-isolating headphones keep the group connected mentally
  • Cues and encouragement reach all runners without the instructor having to yell
  • The instructor’s voice mixes perfectly with the playlist to keep everyone on pace

Bring Sound Off to your next class or event

Our headphones stay in place through it all: yoga, meditation, cardio, you name it. And with our long-range transmitters, you can Sound Off anywhere, anytime — indoors or outdoors.