Instilling Relaxation and Harmony

Sound baths incorporate crystal and metal singing bowls, gongs, quiet chimes, and even the human voice to wash body and mind in soothing vibrations that facilitate meditation. Our noise-isolating headphones can elevate the practice even further; for example, listening to different tonal frequencies in each ear, a phenomenon known as binaural beats, has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety and promote positivity and creativity.

Make it a Sound Off Sound Bath with silent disco technology, and guide your participants into a truly senses-altering experience.

  • Event participants and studio members enjoy soothing sound, indoors or outdoors
  • Wireless fit reduces distractions for both practitioners and participants
  • Noise isolation ensures complete immersion

Bring Sound Off to your next sound bath event

Help your participants enjoy a soothing, immersive experience with Sound Off headphones — it’s a whole new way to find your zen, indoors or out.