Sound Off Spin

Fuel Up for a High-energy Ride

Let Sound Off® amp up your spin classes with our wireless headphones, keeping the instructor in their ears and their focus on the sprint.

With our silent disco technology, we ensure that everyone can hear the cue for the next climb, as long as their bikes are within 500 yards of the instructor. As a result, Sound Off headphones are perfect for outdoor pop-ups and socially distanced layouts. Get ready to raise those RPMs and clip in for a high-fidelity ride!

  • Make sure students never miss a cue
  • Keep students energized with crisp, isolated sound
  • Enjoy the freedom to set up anywhere

Bring Sound Off to your next class or event

Our headphones stay in place through it all: cycling, running, yoga, you name it. And with our long-range transmitters, you can Sound Off with any cardio class, whether you’re indoors or outdoors.

Such a great class! SO much fun!

“DJ Headphone rides are my FAVE!”

“The class was. a. blast.”