Let Mind and Body Work Together

Bridge the gap between mentality and physicality with Sound Off® yoga. Our silent disco headphones stay with you even through inverted poses, and block out noise so your students can bring all their concentration to their breath.

Instructors can maintain quiet connection with their students no matter the surroundings with long-range radio frequency, and yogis of all abilities can stay perfectly in the moment with noise-isolating sound. Crashing surf? Windy day? Let it add to the ambience, not distract during savasana.

  • Help students stay present in their flow
  • Sound isolation ensures focus stays on music and instructors voice
  • Host classes outdoors without disturbing neighbors or needing sound permits

Bring Sound Off to your next class or event

Our headphones stay in place through it all: sound bath, meditation, yoga, you name it. And with our long-range transmitters, you can Sound Off with any fitness class, whether you’re indoors or outdoors.

I didn’t want the evening to end.

“This was such a cool experience!”

“This was so awesome. Thank you!”