Let Mind and Body Work Together

Bridge the gap between mentality and physicality with Sound Off Yoga. Our headphones provide a smooth, comfortable fit even through inverted poses, and they efficiently block out noise so participants can bring all their focus to their breath.

Host classes and one-off events anywhere — like at beaches, rooftops, and parks — thanks to Sound Off’s innovative use of silent disco technology. Instructors can maintain quiet connection with their students no matter the surroundings with long-range radio frequency, and yogis of all abilities can stay perfectly in the moment with noise-isolating sound. Crashing surf? Windy day? Let it add to the ambience, not distract during savasana.

  • Event participants and studio members stay present in the flow
  • Sound isolation ensures focus stays on the music and instructor
  • Perfect for outdoor classes and one-off yoga events

Bring Sound Off to your next yoga class
or event

Give your yoga students a focused, immersive experience with Sound Off technology, whether they’re doing savasana outside at sunset or downward dog in the room next to cardio class.