Offering High Quality
Sound to Aging Ears

A consistent theme from patient feedback, says dementia researcher Dr. Lillian Hung, is that Sound Off headphones make a huge difference in her music therapy program. “The high quality of the sound is good for aging ears,” she adds, noting that the noise-isolating headphones enable an immersive experience right away.

Music Therapy Reimagined

“There’s a little bit of magic,” Dr. Hung says, in seeing geriatric and dementia patients respond to care with enjoyment and animation. And with Sound Off Silver, caregivers can bring music, meditation, and connection within easy reach of every patient.


  • Anxiety
  • Combativeness
  • Delirium
  • Dementia
  • Depression
  • Loneliness
  • Stress


  • Flexible participation, allowing patients to connect while isolated or in a group
  • Immediate stress reduction
  • Pain management, with music and physical therapy
  • Reduced distractions
  • Positive activities, such as dance, meditation, exercise
  • Memory recall
  • Zero disturbance for nonparticipants


  • Noise-isolating wireless headphones
  • Individual volume control
  • Comfortable leatherette ear cushion
  • Adjustable headband
  • DJ mic
  • 3 separate channels
  • Long-range RF transmitter
  • 11 hours of battery
  • Setup tech support

The Research

Harnessing music for health and well-being

Dr. Lillian Hung, clinical assistant professor at University of British Columbia and Vancouver General Hospital, uses video ethnography alongside silent disco technology for geriatric and dementia patient-oriented interdisciplinary research (OT, nursing, music therapy, and recreational therapy).

Learn how Sound Off is Changing the World

Reimagine Senior Activities with Sound Off

Group activity encourages socializing, but confusing sounds and even physical access can be barriers to engagement. Make every program more accessible with wireless, noise-isolating headphones by Sound Off, no matter where your patients are in your facility. Use Sound Off technology for activities such as:

Audiobooks &  Podcasts

Encourage book lovers in the joy of reading, regardless of changing eyesight or difficulty holding a book, with audiobooks played over high-fidelity headphones.

Book Readings

Invite authors to speak at your facility, and ensure patients can hear the reading clearly at the volume of their preference.


Make sure no one misses the chance to yell bingo! Noise-isolating headphones ensure players hear the caller clearly with no distractions.

Dancing & Yoga

Encourage movement and connection, from dancing to chair yoga, even for bedbound or isolated patients. Our transmitters ensure that music can reach across large areas.

Group Crafts

Help patients focus on a task at hand by eliminating distractions with comfortably fitting, noise-isolating headphones.

Guided Meditation

Make it easier for patients to center themselves in moments of calm and quiet, with guided meditation and sound baths through noise-isolating headphones.

Interactive console games, like Wii Sports

Lower the barriers of video game participation with crisp headphone audio, allowing for easier comprehension and focus.

Lectures & seminars

Promote lifelong learning and invite speakers in to discuss science, art, and culture. Ensure participation for even those on bedrest with transmitters that reach your entire facility.

Movie night

Help everyone enjoy and focus on the show with noise-isolating headphones and easy, personal volume control.

Music therapy

Tap into the well-known power of music to calm and uplift. Noise-isolating headphones and long-range transmitters enable patients anywhere in your facility to enjoy music hour, putting distractions on the back burner.


“During the COVID-19 pandemic, the elderly have been the most vulnerable population. In my research, Sound Off headphones offer positive benefits to mitigate the psychosocial distress and loneliness of social distancing. They’ve brought joy and happiness to seniors living with dementia and frailty. I recommend the headphones as
a safe, positive, non-pharmacological psychological aid for the mental health and wellness of older adults.”

Lillian Hung RN PhD   |   Assistant Professor, UBC Nursing   |  Clinical Nurse Specialist, VCH

“Our Sound Off system has enhanced our music programming with our seniors. It blocks out the distracting background noises of a nursing home, and allows otherwise preoccupied residents to focus on just the music in a group or social setting. I’ve seen residents that previously had not responded to sing-alongs or live entertainment perk up and smile when listening to a song they recognized while wearing the headphones. Everyone in the group is focused on the music playing in their own ears, so no one is distracting to anyone else. It is by far the favorite piece of equipment used by the recreation staff and the residents in the building. The enjoyment and love of music is evident when even the most otherwise un-engaged residents can focus on hearing a song that brings back memories.”

Jenny Hughes   |   Recreation Therapist   |   Brentwood Care Center