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Anatomy Midtown Miami – Wim Hof Method – Fundamental Workshop with International DJ/Producer and Certified Instructor

February 2, 2019 @ 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm UTC-5

The Wim Hof Method Fundamental Workshop led by International DJ/Producer and certified instructor –  NOA AON (Pavel Stuchlik)
Enter into a one of a kind experience, surrounded by the Miami Beach, using The Iceman (Wim Hof) and a LIVE DJ set with the addition of Silent Disco headphones to support your breathing experience.
The Wim Hof Method is a scientifically validated way to tap into the hidden power of oxygen and cold exposure; two natural resources that used to be part of our everyday lives throughout most of our evolutionary history, but that have been almost
completely lost to the comforts of modern society.
February 1st – iEssence class with Wim Hof Party at Anatomy South Beach  CLASS
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February 2nd – Wim Hof  Workshop 1pm-5pm at Anatomy Midtown, Miami. (NEW LOCATION) WORKSHOP 
With the WHM you can unlock the potential inside yourself,
and open the door to an array of health benefits.
The Wim Hof Method rests on three distinct pillars:
Breathing, Cold Exposure & Mindset/Focus.
♥Benefits May Include:
♥Reduced Inflammation
♥Improved Mood
♥Increased Energy Levels
♥Improved Mindfulness Abilities
♥Increased Flexibility
♥Deep States of Relaxation
♥Improved Immune Function
♥Better Sleep
♥Enhanced Creativity
WHM Instructors NOA AON (Pavel Stuchlik) will facilitate a safe space in which you can explore the power of your own physiology through breathing, movement, and cold exposure.
◙Overview of Wim Hof Method (Practice & Science)
◙Guided Breathwork Journey (With Live Music)
◙Science of Wim Hof Method
◙Yoga Flow
◙Cold Exposure
NOA|AON, aka. Pavel Stuchlik, transcends traditional ideology. A Czech Republic native, Pavel has demonstrated his talents as a successful entrepreneur, DJ, Producer and family man. Currently living in the U.S., Pavel has set his sights on his ultimate mission yet…the NOA|AON movement.
NOA|AON is symbolic for the duality of human nature. NOA means “movement”” and AON means “all of none” and it is through his deep belief in the healing power music that NOA|AON brings people together to create a happier, healthier and more harmonious life for all.
Understanding the spiritual and emotional effects music can have on humans, NOA|AON digs deeper into this “duality” and incorporates science into his mix. Science fuels his passion for music as he works with neuroscientists and scientist from around the world to create an impactful, positive and modern beat that brings with it a healing effect to the listener.
NOA|AON’s, “Take Your Chance”, was his breakthrough single, co-signed to Marshmello’s personal Spotify playlist and his latest single, “Summer Clearance” has been embraced by Slushi and Ookay with the same enthusiasm, holding top position on Spinning Record’s talent pool and being played on national radio.
Be prepared for a high energy mix with an underground feel anywhere from progressive house to tech house. NOA|AON has performed at many of the tier one nightclubs around the U.S. including Story, Omnia, August Hall (formerly the legendary Ruby Sky) as well as festivals such as Burning Man and Imagine.
The NOA|AON is not just a movement, it is an experience. A true “DJ Orchestra” that incorporates first-class musicians and performers together creating a modern awakening people together as one in complete sensory overload. This night is a total take over and not to be missed.
Join the #noamovement
Global movement to spread peace, joy and love and create spiritual activists for the highest good of all.


Anatomy Midtown, Miami – NEW LOCATION
3415 NE 2nd Ave
Miami, FL 33137 United States


NOA|AON, Pavel Stuchlik