Outdoor crowd wearing headphones at a sober silent disco party

Finding Support and Celebration Through Sober Silent Disco

More and more sober music festivals, parties, and events are taking place today, offering the recovery community occasions to connect and have fun in the safest way.

With Sound Off silent disco technology, sober events can be held during the day or late into the night, indoors or out. Attendees dance to their favorite tunes or connect through immersive wellness and mindfulness initiatives, while any neighboring venues remain completely undisturbed.

Colorado’s September 2021 Sundown festival is one of the detox events using Sound Off headphones for a silent disco dance party — just one of their unique offerings among soothing sonic meditations and a non-alcoholic tasting lounge.

Sound Off is proud to contribute its state-of-the-art audio technology to facilitate sober silent disco experiences for the recovery community or for anyone who’s looking to socialize and relax at alcohol-free events.