Studio member working out with earbuds and silent disco technology

The BYO with Earbuds: A Studio Solution

There are so many benefits to using Sound Off silent disco headphones during workouts (check out all the perks here), but some studio members still prefer the lightweight feel of earbuds while they stretch, climb, and lift. So how do you keep them happy and always coming back?

Our BYO system includes earbuds and a receiver built for mobility, as an elevated alternative for seamless audio paired with supreme comfort level during exercise.

Why these earbuds?

  • Secure Fit
    Typical earbuds fall out of the ears during spin or cardio class because they’re not intended for extreme physical activity. The BYO system earbuds, however, are ergonomically designed to fit securely in the ears, always staying put through the most intense running, spinning, and HIIT training.
  • Cool, Lightweight Feel
    Not only do the BYO earbuds fit securely, but they give an unstructured, freeing feel from warm up to cool down. There’s no extra weight or coverage, so students can really go that extra mile without a lot of sweat.  
  • High Quality Audio
    Most earbuds that fitness enthusiasts use during workouts are crafted for less-than-excellent sound. We know that experiencing the soundscape in the crispest, clearest way is crucial for motivation and focus — that’s why ours are designed to deliver the highest quality audio so students never miss a beat (or your next cue).

Students can easily connect the earbuds into the BYO receiver, which features a sturdy casing and secure belt clip to keep up with the highest intensity classes. Plus, the receiver features easy, ergonomic controls so students never have to break their pace.

Since earbuds can’t be shared, our system is the perfect solution to sell to studio members for individual repeat use in every class.

Ready to offer your students an easy way to customize their workouts to their personal preferred experience? Contact us about the BYO now.