Luna Maye and the Healing Power of Sound and Vibration

Photo by Magda Fountoukidis


Luna Maye and the Healing Power of Sound and Vibration 

Luna Maye is a Philadelphia-based spiritual & soulful warrior of the light who uses sound meditation to comfort, support and empower the mind, body, and spirit. Armed with Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls, shruti box, tuning forks and other resonating instruments, Luna infuses the experience with soulful conscious melodies attuning to the vibration of the instruments. Sound meditation is one of the most impactful ways to communicate with the nervous system. Seeing as the nervous system acts as the gatekeeper of communication to the body, sound meditation has a direct line signalling to the brain to relax in an accessible way and arrive into the Theta state.  This state is the optimal range for healing of the body, stress and anxiety reduction, boosting of immune system, problem-solving, creativity and connection to the subconscious and unconscious mind. “I believe that within our subscious and unconscious minds resides sacred file folders holding information we need to connect more deeply to ourselves and all beings.” “In a capitalistic and consumer-based structure I consider it a healthy form of disruption to learn ways to turn inward and embrace the idea that everything we need to feel connected already lives inside of us. It’s just about being in spaces and practices that resonate with our needs so we can access the file folders.” 


Ancient Wisdom, Modern Practice

Sound healing has been used for thousands of years, but don’t call Luna a sound healer. “I believe we are our own healers, that everything we need is inside of us. We can leverage the innate connection we have to sound and vibration to deepen our meditation practice and increase our connectedness to self and others.” Luna has used sound meditation to boost intention and focus with everyone from private clients looking to release personal blockages and corporate executives wishing neutralize space before business meetings to children in classrooms. Sound meditation is one of the most accessible and nourishing ways to explore mindfulness across all ages and spaces.  “My teacher and spiritual guide Maureen Dodd introduced me to the crystal singing bowls. One day, she suggested I sing with them after years of not singing due to navigating mental health and a traumatic relationship. Being exposed to the sonic vibrations of these instruments has profoundly shifted my internal and external landscape and provided me a peace of mind, body and spirit I thought I may never find. This practice has affirmed that everything we need is inside of us. Sound Meditation has had a profound impact on my life and it is my responsibility to share it.” says Luna. “Doing so in a way that is supportive, relatable, soulful and community-driven. I want Sound Meditation to be as normalized in the daily rhythm of life like getting a cup of coffee or going to the store for groceries.”

Sound Off™️ and Luna have been making magic since Fall of ‘18 after she met our CEO Castel at Daybreaker at the William Vale Rooftop. She comes with 10+ year long  background in professional event planning and took the leap from the Corporate world last May to do this work full time. Since then, she’s taken sound meditation everywhere from Google, to the URBN corporate headquarters, the rooftop of the Kennedy Center, children at the FREE Library and on the playa dust at Burning Man. In efforts to cast an even wider net of impact, Luna will be joining forces with several organizations whose mission it is to bring wellness based practices to underserved communities in the Philadelphia area, Sound Off™️ ‘s noise-canceling headphones enhancing the impact of Luna’s sound meditation experience. “Sound Off is a special partner to me because now we can bring this practice to more spaces and the immersive nature of the technology supports deepening the meditation practice. The noise canceling functionality allows us to be together, but in our own worlds” says Luna. 

Luna  is committed to bringing the healing power of sound to diverse spaces and communities. “I will be playing these instruments as long as my wrists will move.  Have a lifelong commitment to this practice.” While in the process of recording a sound mediation album infused with soulful melodies and conscious lyrics, she and the Crystal Alchemy Bowls travel all over the world offering sound and regularly have offerings in the Philadelphia. New York & D.C. Areas. 

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Video by Skylar Jenkins