Sound Off™ Wedding

3 Reasons to Make Your Wedding Night a Silent One with Silent Disco

Love and Silence

Silent Disco is a special event where people dance to amplified music streamed through headphones. Without headphones, the music cannot be heard. Sound Off™ Wedding helps clients and their guests celebrate love like nobody is watching using Sound Off headphones. This one-of-a-kind, sound experience is a hit at weddings! Here are the top reasons why.

Outsmart Noise Restrictions

Aside from being left at the altar, what could be worse than having your reception shut down by management or even the police because of noise complaints? Wedding or not, sound ordinances and noise curfews cannot be ignored. That goes for venues and open spaces. It’s the law. Silent Disco cracks the noise code. Amplified sound can only be heard by guests wearing Sound Off headphones. Our wireless technology keeps the party invite-only. Guests can adjust the volume of their headphones to their own perfect level. There’ll be no worries about noise pollution. That means you can party all night. As loud or as low as you want. The neighbors won’t hear a peep.

Variety Is the Spice (and Sugar) of Life

Remember that amazing wedding playlist that your flower girl, your boss, and dear Aunt Jackie couldn’t get enough of? *Crickets* We don’t either. We know it’s your wedding reception, but should Grandma really have to put up with mumble rap? Depending on the style of the event, Sound Off™ Silent Disco Wedding keeps every guest on the dance floor with up to three channels of audio using Sound Off headphones. Whether its pop, EDM, and R&B, (or any other combination of musical genres) Silent Disco give your guests options. No matter what genre of music your guests prefer, we’ll keep them waltzing, whirling, or two-stepping at your reception until the last dance!

The Wow Factor

There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, right? If you thought your college buddy’s toddler-sized tiered wedding cake couldn’t be topped, think again! How often do your friends and family get to party with multi-channel, noise-isolating LED headphones? Silent Disco will keep your wedding in the hearts and minds of guests long after you’ve said your goodbyes. See for yourself below!



Can Sound Off Wedding help you avoid getting the plug pulled on the most important night of your life?


Does it offer multiple musical options that please regardless of age?


Will it keep your wedding on the tip of everyone’s tongue?

Check, again!


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