The Sound of Silence: 3 Reasons To Try Sound Off™ Yoga

The New Wave: Sound Off™ Yoga

Most of us are familiar with Silent Disco – those hip dance parties where amplified sound can only be heard using headphones. Guests love it, because the experience is social and intimate at the same time. This unforgettable sound experience has made its way over into the world of yoga. Sound Off™ Yoga revolutionizes the practice. Here are the top three reasons why:

1. Never Miss a Beat

Has the downward dog of another yogi ever blocked your view? Have you ever strained to hear the instructor’s guidance from the back of the room? Sound Off™ Yoga sends these problems packing. Sound Off™ headphones let you hear the instructor’s voice perfectly over a curated soundscape. Our wireless technology is equal parts functional and comfortable and gives each guest complete control of their sound experience with adjustable volume. With a coverage area of 500 yards, each guest has a front row seat. Our noise-isolating wireless headsets eliminate distractions so that you can focus on the practice and perfect each pose. Sound Off™ Yoga enhances the ancient practice of yoga with a fresh new spin that allows you to journey even deeper within. You’ll be happy you tried it.

2. Portable Zen of Den

Gone are the days of yoga being accessible in a traditional studio setting only. Sound Off™ headphones make it possible to practice guided yoga anywhere. No, really. Anywhere. Whether it be the airport, the beach or miles high up on the Red Rock Canyon, Silent Disco Yoga turns any venue or open space into a sanctuary of sweat.

3. Immersive Sound Healing with Binaural Beats

Sound Off™ Yoga has scientific benefits as well when paired with binaural beats. Binaural beats are an auditory phenomenon that occurs when the brain generates a third frequency signal after hearing two separate frequencies in each ear. In order to experience binaural beats best, one must use headphones. For example, let’s say the right ear hears a frequency of 135 Hz and the left ear hears a frequency of 125 Hz. Consequently, your brain will “hear” a third frequency pulsing at 10 Hz. This third frequency – the binaural beat – activates Alpha brain wave activity. These Alpha waves allow the mind to be guided into any state- transcendence included! Now, hows that for an experience?


Sound Off™ Yoga is a hit! Don’t just take our word for it, try it for yourself.