Free At Last: Long Live Sound Off™ Cinema

Picture This…

Imagine watching a movie without interruptions. No, seriously. The. Whole. Movie. All the gut-busting, “omg-I-can’t-breathe” one-liners and the tear-jerker remarks. That means zero rustling from the obnoxious bag of potato chips, no crunching of popcorn, no audible suction of Slurpees, and no jolting ringtones from the inevitable phone call. Oh, and, no tap on the shoulder from a friend asking “Wait, what just happened?” either. It sounds like movie buff bliss, the kind that can only be achieved through the suspension of life as we know it. But of course, that’s just a fantasy.


Actually, friends, it’s called Sound Off™ Cinema.

What Is Sound Off™ Cinema?

First of all, Sound Off Cinema laughs in the face of noise curfews. The concept is simple. Sound Off Cinema is like a silent disco but with film and seating instead of music and dancing. The flick’s audio can only be heard with Sound Off headphones. We’ve got your back. There’ll be no worries of noise complaints! Sound Off Cinema is perfect for private screenings, a swank rooftop or the local park. It’s also a snazzy way to wow friends, family, colleagues, clients, and students at special events. Our noise-isolating headsets give guests a front row audio experience while eliminating irksome distractions. The headphone’s three-channel feature even makes multi-lingual viewing possible. Keep it cool and low-key with this unique, sonic experience.


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