woman wearing Sound Off headphones at an outdoor festival in Peru

Bringing Music to the Mountains with Apufest

In late 2020, Apufest continued its five-year tradition of music and art in Perú with a twist. In the gorgeous Valle Sagrado, near the small town of Maras, guests wore colorful masks (safety first), donned some Sound Off silent disco headphones, and danced against the backdrop of the mountains of Cusco for the first silent concert in the country.

Since 2015, Apufest has been a creative force for music, art, and ecology in Perú, emphasizing the sacredness of the mountains and rivers of the area by gathering artists, musicians, and people of all backgrounds willing to learn about the earth and each other. We’re honored to have been a part of this innovative new effort for safe and sustainable ecotourism in Cusco!

Want to experience it for yourself? Check out video of the event: