Get Your GROOV3 On

Benjamin Allen X Sound Off

Dance. Sweat. Live

As the coolest choreographed dance party in LA, GROOV3 does more than zap calories and fine tune your two-step. Their mission is to inspire change and build a global community through the power of dance. This no-frills dance company takes the work out the workout and turbocharges it with fun. Founded by Benjamin Allen, GROOV3 emphasizes community engagement and the mind-body connection. GROOV3 encourages its students to push past their comfort zone and focus on non-physical goals like self-confidence.

It Was All A Dream

In college, Benjamin was fed up with how judgemental the dance community was. He decided to create a space where people could truly feel free to move and challenge their bodies. GROOV3 bridges the gap between the professional dance and fitness industries while making commercial choreography accessible to everyone. Whether you’ve been dancing all your life or are just starting out, GROOV3 has a system to help you master the moves. Using one continuous set of curated music, GROOV3 teaches two speeds of choreography. Instructors break down the dance steps slowly before picking up the pace. This gives dancers the chance they need to perfect the choreography before closing class with a performance. Madonna told us that music brings the people together. Dance does too! Benjamin and his team are committed to changing the world, one eight count at a time.


Thanks to an introduction from Wanderlust heavy hitter DJ Jesse Blake, GROOV3 and Sound Off™ enjoy the coolest partnership ever. “We’ve been specifically working with Sound Off for our summer series rooftop events in Hollywood,” says Mr. Allen. “Everyone knows that all outdoor events have their challenges. Whether it’s the neighbors complaining or people not being able to hear the music. Collaborating with Sound Off gives people an individualized experience. With Sound Off headphones, guests can adjust the volume and I can be on the mic – in their ear. Sound Off helps our students experience the class in a whole new way.”

GROOV3 is committed to providing a welcoming environment for anyone who wants to express themselves through dance.

Join the GROOV3MENT and dance your way to your best life.