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Katya Lovejoy

Katya Lovejoy is the queen bee of scientific sound healing. She is a yoga & meditation instructor, energy healer, and hypnotherapist holding degrees in Neuroscience and Clinical Social Work. She is also trained in heart-centered hypnotherapy, yoga nidra, breathwork, and marma point therapy. Her exceptional blend of beauty, brains, and body consciousness has helped others alchemize their pain into power for over a decade. Katya found the answer to relieving layers of physical, emotional, and energetic tension through yoga nidra. Yoga nidra is an ancient practice that unwinds the nervous system and induces full-body relaxation. Katya’s mission is to help people heal their own suffering and rehabilitate their subconscious minds. As a result, they can liberate their highest potential .

The Coming of a Spiritual Renaissance

Katya’s father was diagnosed with cancer. Since his diagnosis, she turned to binaural beats for help. “Meditation takes us into balance. My father has diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago and I was looking for ways to copesays Katya. Binaural beats are an auditory phenomenon that occurs when the brain generates a third frequency signal after hearing two separate frequencies in each ear. In order to enjoy binaural beats, one must use headphones. For example, let’s say the right ear hears a frequency of 125 Hz and the left ear hears a frequency of 115 Hz. Consequently, your brain will “hear” a third frequency pulsing at 10 Hz. This third frequency – the binaural beat – activates Alpha brain wave activity. Finally, Alpha waves allow the mind to be guided into any state.

Different frequencies can be used for different healing purposes. Katya realized that binaural beats combined with yoga Nidra could be powerful. In addition, it’s easily accessible and deeply transformative. Sound Off™ headphones bridged the gap between science, sound, and spirit. As a result, digital shamanism was born.

Total Immersion Journey™

Naysayers didn’t agree with Katya’s aspiration to combine sound healing with ancient yoga practices. Her own instructors insisted that she forget about introducing headphones. They recommended that she just “teach what they taught”. But Katya knew better. Due to her inner whisperings, she trusted that our healing practices should evolve as we do. She knew that her students deserved to feel happier, connected, and inspired. Therefore, Katya created Total Immersion Journey™. As a result, the response was astounding. Her students followed her every step of the new shamanic journey. “This is digital Shamanism. We do deep healing and Sound Off makes it fun” she said. Her passion for unblocking minds, bodies, and spirits is truly a gift to us all. To experience the power of the Total Immersion Journey™ yourself, either in a live event or a virtual experience from the comfort of your home, check out Katya’s upcoming events.

Are you ready to expand? Let Katya show you how.