Women participating in an indoor yoga class with Sound Off silent disco headphones


In many parts of the world the chill is approaching, which means no more outside group climbs, no more HIIT classes in the afternoon sun. But not to worry — Sound Off® silent disco technology brings major benefits to your indoor classes during the winter season! Here are just a few:

  • Themed rides with a glow

Do your spin students love boy bands? Movie soundtracks? Glam rock? Themed classes are all the rage — add silent disco technology, and you have a real workout party. Glowing LED lights and crisp audio amp up the climb and create a unique atmosphere that will keep members pedaling to the beat, straight to their new PR.

  • Classes any time

Many studios need to schedule noisy classes around neighboring business hours or yoga down the hall. With Sound Off™️ silent disco headphones, there are no restrictions, no limitations to what your gym can do. Hold a cardio workout in the middle of the day, and the dentist next door will never hear a thing. Schedule a breathwork class next to kickboxing, and each group will focus and hear their instructor clearly without any distractions.

  • Keeping every student happy

Often within one class, some members prefer to workout with headphones on while others do not. Our silent disco technology allows you to play amplified music at a lower level while streaming audio to our headphones for those who want to adjust their own volume and crank it up for the ultimate motivation. With Sound Off, everyone gets the workout they truly want.

  • Immersive wellness experiences

Students get the most out of yoga and meditation classes when they can fully let go of the outside world and focus on the instructor’s voice and soothing music. While our noise-isolating headphones shut out distractions, the high-quality, crisp audio keeps students focused and in the flow. And the comfortable fit stays on even through inverted poses.

Want to amp up (and glow up) your indoor classes?  Contact us now to see how Sound Off can bring unique innovation to your studio’s winter schedule.