Luna Maye and a violinist perform a sound meditation


Recently, at the luxurious boutique hotel W Philadelphia, the pool deck was engulfed in a soothing sound bath, dreamy ethereal music, and glowing headphones. That evening, Luna Maye’s intimate performance and sound meditation had her audience surrendering to the ultimate in inner peace and release.

Maye is a sound and performance artist who studies the science and mysticism of frequency and vibration with deep relaxation, inspiration, and stress relief in mind. She hosts immersive sound meditation concert experiences all over the globe using Sound Off® silent disco technology. 

The goal of this particular evening at the W Philadelphia was to create a communal space where attendees could gather in a beautiful setting to escape from the noise and stimuli of everyday life, and take in the breathtaking tones and magical atmosphere of Maye’s performance. The result was a group experience where participants felt deeply connected to one another and enjoyed private, meaningful inner reflection at the same time, all by a luminous pool and a gorgeous city view. 

Maye loves using Sound Off™️ headphones for her events because, as a singer and producer, it’s important to her that all the nuanced aspects of the music she creates are profoundly felt as well as heard. 

“Once attendees put the headphones on, they easily go into that internal space and allow the beautiful sonic technology to completely immerse themselves in the meditation,” Maye says.

Luna Maye brings our silent disco technology to every event she holds — whether the performance is indoors or out — as it provides the high-quality audio she needs and plays such a crucial role in her participants’ inner experience.

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