Woman leading outdoor breathwork class with Sound Off silent disco technology


March is Women’s History Month, so in honor of that we’re shining the spotlight on some of our innovative entrepreneurial women partners. Check out how each of them creatively uses Sound Off™ silent disco technology to promote health and healing and bring community together.


CEO and Founder, LIT&LEAN

A former professional dancer, Lindenmeier created a unique fitness model where her Lit&Lean clients can come to party, get the workout, and skip the hangover. She uses Sound Off silent disco technology to put the nightlife vibe into her classes, plus it makes her popular rooftop events possible in the face of noise ordinances. 

“My clients absolutely love using Sound Off headphones  — when they have the crystal-clear beats dropping in their ears, it really helps them push through a challenging cardio burst or burning sculpting session, which makes the workout so much more productive,” says Lindenmeier


Owner, YO BK

A hot yoga and hot pilates studio with locations in Brooklyn and Miami, YO BK provides over one-hundred classes a week. Durand loves using our headphones for rooftop classes and park sessions because they provide a solution to the often overwhelming soundscape of traffic, construction, and ambient noise in a big-city outdoor setting.

“For my clients, being able to put on a pair of headphones and really focus during an outdoor session is amazing,” raves Durand. “You can really see it, too — students are able to go deeper and balance a little longer than they would in an outdoor class without Sound Off silent disco technology.” 


Meditation Lead, THREE JEWELS

Offering virtual and in-person yoga, meditation, breathwork, and Buddhist philosophy classes, Three Jewels is a 501 C3 non-profit space for those looking to invoke extraordinary realizations through nurturing experiences. Ionno’s students enjoy hearing her voice in their ears through Sound Off headphones, as our technology makes wellness classes feel more intimate and immersive.

“Sound Off’s audio is crisp and clear and a bit meditative as well.” states Ionno. “It’s such a great way to block out all distractions and drop deeply into your practice.” 


Sound Off® is thrilled to celebrate Women’s History Month with these creative partners who are leading the wellness space in inspiring and trailblazing ways.

Want to see how more of our partners use Sound Off silent disco technology? Watch the video highlights now.

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