Participants at a conference using silent disco headphones


Sound Off® silent disco technology amps up dance parties and fitness classes all around the world, but did you know companies and organizations look to us to enhance their conferences and meetings, too?

By incorporating our headphones into an event, hosts can expand their offerings and provide flexibility to attendees at every conference.

Here’s what Sound Off brings to a multiple-day event packed with meetings, activities, and engaging content:

  • Silent Talks  Our silent disco headphones offer multiple channels of audio, so attendees can switch between speakers and presentations with ease. Anyone within 500 yards can hear their voices in crisp, high fidelity audio.


  • Multiple Events In One Space  Our silent disco headphones make it easy to divide up a large space into smaller areas, ensuring an excellent, high-quality experience for each breakout group. Sound Off’s noise-isolating technology eliminates surrounding distractions and keeps participants focused on the singular experience. Bonus: Companies using our silent disco equipment in this way enjoy the cost savings of holding an event in one main space as an alternative to renting multiple rooms in a hotel or other venue.


  • Translation Services  Many conferences host speakers and participants from all over the world, in-person or remotely through a hybrid setup. Attendees often need translation services so they can keep up with the flow of the presentations and participate accordingly. With Sound Off silent disco technology facilitating the translations, participants are guaranteed to catch every word for a flawless experience, while companies reduce costs by eliminating the need for interpreter booths.

Our headphones are super comfortable and easy to use, so there are no distractions or time wasted in training attendees to operate their Sound Off equipment. Our goal is an effortless experience for every host and participant. We can partner with your AV team or provide on-site setup ourselves to ensure a seamless execution for your next conference.

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