Dancing at the Color Factory with Sound Off tech

Getting Super Creative with Sound Off™ Tech

Every day our partners create completely unique takes on events using Sound Off tech, and they’re truly changing the (silent) game — from sensory wellness sessions to celebratory art shows.

Here’s a shout-out to a few of the latest standout experiences that glow with true inventive inspiration: 

  • Color Factory Houston
    A vibrant art experience that partners with nonprofits and artists, Color Factory creates sensory installations that inspire play and connection. Recently, they set up The Royal (Disco) Ball in their interactive space, a room painted in a vibrant purple complete with glimmering disco balls and glowing violet Sound Off headphones. Visitors are invited to dance to songs by Texan female royalty (Beyoncé, Megan Thee Stallion, and more) streamed through our headsets in a celebration of women, music, and connection. Read more about this inclusive and festive silent disco event here.
  • Roots to Thrive
    This nonprofit society incorporates Sound Off technology into their psychedelic-therapy treatment of anxiety, depression, and more. Our headphones enhance patients’ experiences in professionally supervised group-therapy settings, while helping them stay connected to their own profound inner journey. Participants especially love the individual volume control and comfortable feel of the headphones that support a seamless listening experience for the curated playlists. The improvements in individuals’ mental health are incredible — check out more about the therapy and clinical results here.
  • Sounds of the Ocean
    An award-winning immersive experience, this installation uses our silent disco headphones to create a relaxing oasis where attendees sink into the sounds of whales, dolphins, and soothing music for a mindful underwater odyssey. Their immersive sessions support one’s mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being while inspiring awareness to support the health of our oceans, the home for 50% to 80% of all life on Earth. A Sounds of the Ocean experience brings a beautiful and unique level of zen to any event or conference space.
  • Silent Disco Cruises
    Luxury liners around the world are adding Sound Off silent discos to their nightlife options — because our tech was practically made for the high seas! Our long-range transmitters make glowing silent parties possible on any deck, in any size space. And only minimal room is necessary to stow or charge the equipment. The best part? Multiple channels of music offer something for everyone, creating a special new way for passengers to connect and celebrate. Read more about making (sound) waves on cruise ships here.

Want to share the cool ways you’re using our headphones? Tag us @soundoffexperience! Or contact us to see how we can make your next event truly one of a kind.