Silent disco party at a rental home

Time Off with Sound Off®: The Silent Disco Vacay

Sound Off™ silent disco technology was made for epic vacations. The club-inspired glow, high-fidelity audio streaming favorite tunes, an all-out coming together of people who love each other and a good time…who doesn’t want to go there??

Whether you’re renting a vacation home through a service like Airbnb, Vrbo, or Evolve, or you’re the host of a rental property, our headphones are the smart choice to enhance any vacay. Here’s why:


• High-fidelity benefits for renters

Often rental properties have official noise restrictions and even quiet hours, which the hosts ask you to respect. Hosts and neighbors can directly contact a rental-property site to log a noise complaint which could result in the banning of your account. Noise complaints can get you kicked out of the space you’re staying in, bringing an abrupt and unpleasant end to your trip.

So, dying to throw a dance party in your rental house? Sound Off headphones keep the music in your group’s ears only, so neighbors and hosts will never know of your revelry, eliminating any risk of being reported for excessive noise. 

Multiple channels of music keep everyone happy and dancing, and the headphones’ glowing LED lights bring a club-like atmosphere to a living-room bash. No need to yell to be heard over the music when you want to have a conversation — just simply remove the headphones and speak at a normal volume that won’t carry through the walls.

A silent disco always brings a unique twist to a celebration and amps it up like never before, which is exactly what your vacation deserves. Your friends and family will remember this trip for years to come because a glowing dance party with crisp, high-fidelity sound made them forget their worries and truly let loose.

Looking for a more relaxed and restoring time away? Use our noise-isolating headphones to guide you and your friends into the zone during a yoga or meditation session — indoors, on the beach, or by a lake. Our state-of-the-art tech is expertly designed to help you stay focused and calm while your stress melts away.

You can even host outdoor movie night, a great way to chill with your favorite people right in the backyard. Your neighbors will never hear the action-packed soundtrack!

With Sound Off silent disco technology, you can be the ideal guest, acquire a great reputation as a renter, and have the time of your life too. Following the rules doesn’t have to lead to a boring getaway. Renting our headphones enhances and elevates your precious time off wherever you stay.


• High-fidelity benefits for hosts

Providing Sound Off headphones as an option for your guests makes it easy for them to comply with your house rules and quiet hours. It also shows them you want them to have fun and create lasting memories while vacationing in your rental space.

You’ll never worry about neighbors being disturbed or frustrated enough to log a complaint, because our state-of-the-art technology keeps even the most hyped hip-hop mix silent for them — even if the dance party happens on the back patio. Guests will never have to raise their voices during the dance party to talk, but they will love to rent your space again. You’re the host who thought out of the box and gave them a unique, unforgettable way to spend their downtime. (Plus, operating the equipment is super easy and hassle-free for your guests.)

Our silent disco technology is the perfect add-on in your rental property for suggesting immersive wellness sessions too, to help your guests feel relaxed and refreshed during their stay and when they depart to re-enter the real world.

Purchasing our equipment for your rental vacation space helps you attract renters who want to follow your wishes and be good house guests, plus, it sets you apart from hosts who don’t provide that truly glowing good time! 

You can always add on to your Sound Off inventory or upgrade the tech — we make it super easy to maintain your equipment in order to provide the best possible experience for your guests.


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