Binaural Beats

DJ Karri Om : Love, Beads, and Binaural Beats

Binaural beats make silent yoga complete.
In the zone: DJ Karri Om

First comes funds, then comes marriage…

From her hometown of Virginia Beach all the way to Goa, India, DJ Karri Om has been throwing kindness around like confetti. When Nepal suffered an earthquake back in 2015, she did more than just shake her head. Karri partnered with Khusi Hona and sound designed The Bungalow Jam –  a benefit for Nepal. Khusi Hona is a grassroots organization dedicated to ending poverty. It translates as Feel Happy in Hindi. Funds were raised that night and Karri fell in love. His name is Matthew Van Rooyen and he is Khusi Hona’s CEO. Today, they are husband and wife.

Beats + Beads

In one giant leap of faith, Karri moved to Costa Rica.  She sold all her stuff and took 30 pairs of Sound Off™ headphones with her. Miles away from the nearest paved road, Costa Rica’s Harmony Healing Center was the perfect place to introduce Sound Off ™ Silent Yoga. Binaural beats synchronize brain waves and bring the listener into a state of relaxation. Sound Off headphones created a deep, sonic experience that truly moved them.

During this time, Matthew and Karri were still living on opposite sides of the world. They came up with a plan to not only get them under the same roof but also merge their passions for social entrepreneurship and creativity. This is how was born. Lovetree Co is a purpose driven, ethical fashion house that produces clothing and accessories handmade by formerly disenfranchised women. Karri teaches women how to make Mala beads at the Khusi Hona Lotus Center in Goa, India. She and her husband are working to help women build confidence, foster initiative, and create true empowerment in a very patriarchal society.  .

Drive 4 Change

This summer, Karri is taking Sound Off back on the road with Khusi Hona’s Drive 4 Change.  This coast to coast tour across the U.S. is designed to raise awareness about their work in India and Nepal. They’ll be covering over 11,000 miles in less than 4 months to inspire hope, action, and change. Drive 4 Change will feature Lovetree Co trunk shows, inspirational speaking, and sound voyages curated by DJ Karri Om featuring Sound Off headphones. The 50 stop tour begins August 12th. Join Karri and be the change you wish to see.