Attendee checks out Sound Off headphones at a staffed event

How to Book a Sound Off® Event That’s Unique to Your Needs

Sound Off technology lets guests tune in to multiple channels of audio from event leaders, DJs, fitness instructors, and multimedia presentations for unforgettable experiences every time.

Only those with headphones can hear, so while the participants are fully immersed in the event, anyone else nearby remains undisturbed — whether it’s a rooftop silent disco or yoga on the beach.

We work with you to make sure you have everything you need to make your Sound Off® event truly unique and unforgettable. 

You can either rent or buy our state-of-the-art equipment, with the choice of running the entire event yourself or enjoying our white-glove service. Here’s a quick look into each scenario:

  • Renting with Self Setup

This option is perfect for a one-off event and gives you the flexibility to set up on your own time schedule. We ship you our professional-grade silent disco equipment and ensure that setup is easy for you. Each of our transmitters features a QR code that leads to its online setup guide. We also provide links to our Knowledge Base which is an online resource for all of our instructional guides and troubleshooting tips. You’ll receive a return label to place onto the original shipping boxes, and we’ll schedule a pickup time from your address so that returning the equipment is hassle-free.

  • Buying to Own

Our state-of-the-art silent disco equipment is available for purchase, which is ideal for businesses that host repeat classes or events where noise-isolation and flexibility are imperative. We make it super easy to replenish, upgrade, or add-on to inventory as your needs and business offerings expand. 

  • Staffed Event

Whether renting or purchasing Sound Off silent disco equipment, you may choose turnkey service where our on-site personnel take care of everything for you, from setup to strike, so you can relax and enjoy your event. When choosing our turnkey service, add-ons are available appropriate to your event, such as:

– Staffers/PAs who help with handing out and collecting headphones

– Sound Bath artists

– Sound Off Phantom DJs (pre-recorded music mixes)

– Sound Off Zen Den (pre-recorded guided meditations)

– Audio tech including mics, mixers, etc.

– Sound Off Secure (our credit card-based check-in/check-out system)

– Power packs (for mobile events or where wall power is not available)

– One- and two-story inflatable movie screens

– HD audio recordings of your event

Fun Fact: Customization

Did you know we can customize Sound Off headphones with your own logo as a way to brand your event? Our temporary (for event rentals) or permanent (for retail purchases) private label branding options for our GLO 2 and GLO 3 headsets allow you to create an unforgettable experience completely unique to your brand.

Ready to explore the soundscape? Contact us about renting or buying our silent disco equipment now. We’ll work with you to bring your glowing vision to life!