It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Right: Sound Off™ x Wanderlust

Unplug, Unwind, and Recharge

Wanderlust festivals are full-blown celebrations of the holy trinity of mindfulness – running, yoga, and meditation. At Wanderlust, guides, musicians, motivational Wanderlust Snowshoe Festivalspeakers, culinary artists, and attendees meet and greet in search of transformation. Their goal? To explore, learn, listen, practice and taste on a journey within. Guests tap into new talents, dine on locally sourced grub and dance like nobody is watching. Last month, Sound Off™ joined Snowshoe Wanderlust in the heart of West Virginia to launch the first of five 3-day festivals lined up for the summer. Sound Off Yoga and Sound Off Silent Disco were so successful that guests rearranged their schedules just to do it again!

Music Makes the People Come Together

Everyone knows that music speaks to the soul. There’s just something about having a front row seat to the beat. “Sound Off™ Silent Disco is the most fun thing to ever grace the planet,” said Wanderlust’s programming manager Jennifer Witt. “We knew that Sound Off Silent Disco would be a hit but we also wanted to incorporate the technology with yoga. The people loved it”. Whether you’re doing the downward dog or getting down on the dancefloor, Sound Off makes sure that nothing comes in between you and your sound experience. Our curated soundscapes help you push beyond what you ever thought was possible.

Ready, Set, Om

For many, this was the first time doing yoga with headphones. Sound Off headphones enhance the practice for the beginner and practiced yogi alike. Our headsets make it easy to breathe to the beat. At Wanderlust, DJ Jesse Blake set the sonic scene with an epic soundscape featuring A Tribe Called Quest.  “I think the main benefit is being able to control the sonic experience of the listener to a much more finely tuned degree,” says DJ Jesse. “When I’m DJing for a yoga class and we’re using headphones, I’m monitoring the mix of the instruction and the music throughout the class. There’s never a problem of the music being too loud or too soft relative to the teacher’s voice. Everyone can adjust the volume in their headphones to their own liking – some people really want to rock out and others want everything to be much more background.”

Wanderlust is a pioneer in the yoga lifestyle space – there’s nothing quite like it. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself. There are 3 summer festivals left.  #findyourtrueNorth



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