Sound Off™ Presents: DJ Kharisma on the 1s and 2s

In the Beginning, There Was Music…

DJ Kharisma’s earliest musical memory is being tossed in the air by her father to the sounds of classic rock. Born to mixed race, music-loving parents in Westchester, NY, she was always exposed to a variety of music. It wasn’t long before she fell in love herself. DJ Kharisma grew up on funk, rock, reggae, and hip-hop. As a rule, the family radio that was never turned off.

Chores? There was music.
Homework? There was music.
Dinner? You guessed it. There was music.

She polished her turntable prowess until it shined with her first paid gig in 2013. There was no turning back after that. She’s been making magic for the dancefloor and the mat ever since.

Sound Check One Two, One Two

DJ Kharisma is a resident DJ at Sound Off™Experience and the creative authority behind the soothing soundscapes for Sound Off™ Pilates Fusion and Sound Off™ Barre. Her children see the possibility of doing what you love with every mix. She believes in the future of the #femaledj and the power of 90s R&B. Her motto: “Do what you love and do lots of it”.