Interview with Color Factory Houston about the interactive silent disco installation


Need more color in your life? Visit Color Factory Houston, an interactive art experience celebrating the joy of color, connection, and play.

Partnering with artists, institutions, and nonprofits, Color Factory is a feast for the senses that creates relevant, inclusive, and inspiring spaces celebrating the vibrant spirit of Houston. Over a dozen immersive installations engage visitors in unexpected ways that challenge their boundaries of perception and encourage engagement and discovery.

Sound Off® is proud to take part in the latest interactive room within Color Factory: The Royal (Disco) Ball. Here, visitors step into a festive space painted vivid purple (chosen to celebrate women empowerment), where sparkling disco balls dangle from the ceiling and Sound Off silent disco headphones are perched on one wall.

Our headsets glow with violet LED light and feature a crown symbol to celebrate the setlist of Texan female royalty featuring Beyoncé, Selena, Lizzo, Megan Thee Stallion, and more. All you need to do is put on a crown and dance around!

The sparkling space can hold about sixty visitors at a time, and it’s the perfect excuse to boogie down in the middle of the day. The room is even equipped with a selfie-ready HD camera that sends the pics straight to you for that quick and colorful Instagram post.

We’re thrilled that Color Factory added silent disco sound to its palette of art and color, in this innovative experience open to all ages and backgrounds. We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate music, women, joy, and connection than with our crystal-clear audio and glowing LED lights in a glittery purple room right in the middle of Houston! Check out even more about the dazzling installation here.

Want to create your own glowing silent disco? We can make it happen anywhere, anytime, customizable to your theme! Just contact us and we’ll bring the festive shhh.